What We Know About Nintendo’s Plans For Mobile Games


At last Nintendo, at last…

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

[tc_dropcap]After an eternity of staying away, Nintendo has finally given in to the lure of mobile. [/tc_dropcap]The games giant partnered up with fellow Japanese outfit DeNA, a billion-dollar company that made its name with phone gaming, in a surprise alliance announced today that will see the duo develop mobile apps. But don’t expect a sea change from Nintendo; mobile is an expansion of its existing reach and not a wide-ranging pivot away from games consoles.

In a hastily announced press conference in Tokyo today, which was also streamed on YouTube, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata stressed on a number of occasions that the company will maintain a core focus on its dedicated video games business, despite finally this move to mobile. To make that clear, he pointed to the “unprecedented” success of Nintendo 3DS titles last year — five of which sold a record two million copies over a six month period — and disclosed that the company is working on a new console dubbed…

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